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FAQ's - Fountain Craft MFG.

A well designed fountain is one that is designed by a professional so as to be low in maintenance. Our goal at Fountain Craft is to help you produce this fountain. Below are some frequently asked questions.

1. What is the average water depth required?

Water Display Fountains: 14” to 16” depth 
Fish Reflecting Ponds: 18” to 24” depth 
Storm Management Ponds: 4’ to 12’ depth (check on local codes)
If fountains or reflecting ponds are deeper than 24” they may fall under the Swimming Pool Classifications, which may require a surrounding fence.

2. Is there a rule of thumb to determine the height of the water spray?

If wind is minimal in the area, the distance that the nozzle is placed from the edge is the average height of the spray. An example is if the nozzle is located 10’ from the edge of pool the basic spray height is 10’ this ratio can go as high as 2 to 1.

3. Should the drain of a fountain be tied into a storm drain or septic waste line?

Most codes read that if chemicals are used to treat the water, it should be tied into a septic waste line. A holding tank may be required to hold water prior to dumping it.

If no chemicals are used to treat the water it can be connected to a storm drain.

4. What different sounds can be achieved by water?

Rainfall, running brook, waterfall, pouring water, pounding water.

5. What are the advantages of a submersible pump versus a remote pump?

A “submersible pump” is the simplest and cheapest system to install. The pump is located in the fountain pool and re-circulates the existing water. This is not a highly efficient filter system, which means the fountain will have to drained and cleaned more often. 

A “remote pump” is usually set up with a filter to re-circulate the existing water. This system can be located above the ground, in a vault or inside a building. This system will keep the water very clear and it is usually easier to clean the filter.

6. How do I make a low maintenance fountain?

Install a bottom drain to drain when cleaning. 
Install an automatic water fill to recover water loss from evaporation. This could be 1” to 2” per day. Install a good filter system.


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